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Hub City Homers #6: Rosters and Realignment

Well, things are getting a bit crazy.

Full disclosure, I think despite just recording this episode a few days ago our info is a little dated. However, the larger points on this wild weekend, and now Monday, remain.

Besides the focus on realignment, we also give you an update on the baseball roster situation following the draft. We even had time to discuss the job Mark Adams and his staff have done assembling their inaugural roster.

Closing out the conversation, Jack gives a look at his takes on football offensively. Ideally, we would have continued this talk but technical difficulties brought our session to a close early. Oh well, that is life sometimes with the internet.

This has been one of the most anxiety inducing weekends Tech fans have had in awhile, even more so than Chris Beard turning traitor. Out of the blue the future is uncertain and a lot could be going wrong. Thanks for listening to us during this time, and hopefully our next episode will be all about the #PAC16.