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The quiet behemoth in Austin: Frank Erwin Center

Returning to our review of Big 12 venues with the Frank Erwin Center

Austin American-Statesman-USA TODAY NETWORK via Imagn Content Services, LLC

A date with destiny in Austin as Tech squares off with the Longhorns. Is the Erwin Center a premier venue?

Crowd: D

The Erwin center is huge, with a capacity of 17,900. It is absolutely too big, but even if Texas reduced the size, the crowds would suck. Texas fans are unbelievably fickle, and will not show up unless the team is incredible.

Hell, even if the team is all that they may not. Even when they do show up, the size of the venue and their lack of passion makes it a dead environment. The students in particular, being as they are UT students, just do not care about their basketball squad. Without help from the students, every venue is more or less doomed.

The Erwin Center has had some good moments, but it is a shell of what it could be.

Architecture/Facilities: C+

The Erwin Center is actually a really cool building. The problem is lack of available land and will power have left it outdated. Like I said, it is a shell of itself at this point in the poor arena’s life.

Overall Ranking: 8th

The stadium is far too large, the fans fail to show up or be energetic. What once was a great venue is now tired and old. Just like Texas itself, this building could be great, and has had a few moments, but due to poor planning and arrogance is not. Even in a non-COVID year, no one really fears coming into Austin. And they haven’t in awhile.

It should be noted, construction is under way on a new, smaller arena. The Frank Erwin Center will be demolished after the new stadium is built and replaced with a medical center. Perhaps that will allay some of the problems plaguing UT’s embarrassing home court advantage, but I wouldn’t hold out hope.