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College basketball season will start on November 25th—here are the details

Texas Tech basketball WILL be played this year!

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

College basketball is coming back! Last night the NCAA announced plans to officially kick off the 2020-21 season on November 25th, which is around three weeks past the typical start date. With COVID restrictions in place (and schedule limitations), it is widely expected that non-conference games will be limited to in-state matches and non-conference tournaments such as the Battle 4 Atlantis, Maui Invitational, or the Preseason NIT, which the Red Raiders are scheduled to compete in.

Tournaments will be hosted in different “bubble” settings to accommodate for logistical concerns surrounding major college basketball, with places such as Orlando being popular destinations for non-conference events.

Here are the details on the aforementioned schedule limitations put in place for this season:

In other news, the first day of official fall practice will be September 21st, and there will be no “secret” scrimmages (that always get leaked and mentioned 1,000 times over a season) or exhibitions this year. This is going to be a very strange year for hoops, but if anyone can maximize their team in the midst of chaos, it would be Chris Beard. Stay tuned to Viva the Matadors for more detailed analysis of this year’s exciting young team!