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Big 12 tour: Lloyd Noble Center

Texas Tech heads to the home of the Sooners Tuesday night.

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Tech goes on the road tonight versus the Oklahoma Sooners. With that being the case, how does the Lloyd Noble Center measure up?

Crowd: B-

Oklahoma fans are loud, and love their team. They just are a bit hard to get into the stadium on the slower years. However, having personally sat in the venue while a 60% occupancy crowd harassed Bobby Knight all night they are no slouches.

The arenas design also makes them feel on top of you, which adds to the crowds impact on the game.

History: C

Lon Kruger is likely a hall of famer, and OU has had some great teams. Buddy Hield led the Sooners to the Final Four just a few years ago. But much like a lot of the Big 12 not named Kansas, OU just does not have a blue-blood pedigree in basketball. The Lloyd Noble Center has been home to a lot of good games, but the winning has not been as consistent as it has over at the football stadium.

Architecture/Facilities: C

The facilities are solid, nothing spectacular but more than adequate in the venue. The drawbacks is the building is ugly as sin. As I mentioned earlier, it is cool how the seating is arranged making the venue feel more alive even on quieter nights. But even then, it feels claustrophobic and dark.

Overall Ranking: 6th

In a normal year, if the Sooners are rocking so is the Lloyd Noble Center. But the venue is just not really feared most years. It is a nice venue, and certainly can hold its own, but it lacks the reputation or spark to climb into the top five in this heavy-weight conference.