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Viva the Matadors’ official, and completely accurate, overrated meter

With football right around the corner, what teams are deserving of their hype and what teams have the media fooled?

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Sports fans, we are just over a month before the Red Raiders look to defend The Jones. As the season is so close, we all by now have seen the preseason polls and I feel confident most college football fans know where the media thinks each team stacks up.

Me, being the contrarian I am, has my own take on how the season will shake out. I’ve chosen to display an overrated meter as my tool here. Each school will receive a rating based on my perception of how they are being hyped going into the season. My ratings are final, and 100% guaranteed to be accurate. Let’s get this party started.

Oklahoma Sooners: Somewhat Overrated

Sue me, I think this is the year Lincoln Riley’s transfer-and-start QB scheme fails. I am not on the Jalen Hurts train, and I think OU’s offense as a result looks more pedestrian than years past.

Does that mean OU won’t be a title contender? No, because Hurts at his worst in that system will likely still be a decent quarterback and they are still one of the league’s most talented teams. I am just not ready to anoint the Sooners and I believe they get knocked off the top spot this year.

Texas Longhorns: Highly Overrated

I do not buy Sam as the second coming, I think he is a good QB that is big enough to run Herman’s system. And say you are willing to buy that Ehlinger is a great quarterback, that defense has a lot of questions to answer. I think Texas is back, just not back to winning championships just yet.

The hype in Austin is so high they can’t possibly live up to expectations going into the season unless they win the Big 12. And I don’t buy that happening this year.

Iowa State: Fairly Rated

Matt Cambell is a stud, and the Iowa State of the past appears to be a distant memory. I like how Iowa State is being perceived, a program fighting to join the top ranks and potentially crashing the party.

That defense will be solid once again, and Brock Purdy is a talented young man with experience under his belt. I don’t think Iowa State is talented enough to be a favorite, and the hype I’m seeing reflects that. This is a gritty team, and Ames is a wasteland for championship bound teams to die in. The Cyclones are justifiably being seen as quite dangerous.

TCU: Very Overrated

Gary Patterson is a good defensive coach, but there is a streak of mediocrity in Fort Worth that I don’t see ending this year. A quarterback controversy among some pretty sad options does not inspire confidence moving forward.

My feeling is TCU takes a step towards the back of the pack under Patterson, and I would be highly surprised to be wrong.

Oklahoma State: Fairly Rated

I don’t quite know how I feel about Oklahoma State, so I am going to give them a fair rated ranking. They are slated to be a middle of the pack team and that is basically where I see them ending up. If they figure out how to handle the quarterback position, they could take a step forward. If not, this could be a rough year.

I am starting to sour on Mike Gundy, so to me as an outsider looking at their program this is a big put up year.

Baylor: Overrated

I don’t get the Baylor love. Nothing about this team makes me think Matt Rhule is doing anything special, and Charlie Brewer is mediocre at best. I will absolutely own I hate Baylor, but really I don’t get the good vibes around Waco. I see a season as ugly as their uniforms coming.

Texas Tech: Very Underrated

I am as biased as can be, but if Alan Bowman is healthy this will be a really good team. Seriously, look at what came back offensively. That line, combined with Bowman and a new focus on the rushing attack, should keep the offense operating at a high level. The huge question is can the defense take any steps forward.

My belief is if Keith Patterson can just get this defense into the top 60 range, this team should win 8 games. Yeah, this is a rough schedule but I like how you match-up against a lot of these teams. Call me a dreamer, but I truly believe this team will surprise everyone by years end.

West Virginia: Fairly Rated

West Virginia is going to be not good this year, and that is where they are getting slotted by most. I buy that entirely. New coach, lost your starting quarterback, and not a ton of talent returning that leaps out at you. Year one of the new regime is going to be rough.

Kansas State: Fairly Rated

Same story as above, except I do think Kansas State turns it around faster. Snyder ran out of magic at the end of his tenure and I see this year reflecting that. Give it time Wildcat fans, I think you have a winner at the helm just not a lot winning yet.

Kansas: Somewhat Underrated

Just like Texas but in reverse, expectations are so low it would be hard not to surpass them. I think this is it, with the Mad Hatter at the lead the Jayhawks escape the basement. Whether WVU or KSU takes their place is up to debate, but give me the Jayhawks to earn a few elusive Big 12 wins.