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Why the Atlanta Hawks are the best place for Jarrett Culver to wind up

The young core of guys could be the best opportunity for him to grow.

2018 NBA Draft Combine - Day 1 Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

There’s now less then two weeks until Jarrett Culver gets his name called in the NBA Draft. There is massive speculation as to where he will wind up and it’ll be fun to see where he ends up. Today, I was looking at all of the places that he could wind up and where was the best place for him to grow as a player. The Atlanta Hawks are a very young team with a bevy of draft picks this season and a young core for Culver to build with.

As mentioned before, with the trade that went down yesterday, the Hawks now have 3 top-20 draft picks and will be looking to get three quality players that can make an impact. They will also most likely be coming to a buyout agreement with Allen Crabbe, who has a ridiculously overpriced contract. The Hawks will most likely be eating up a ton of cap space from that buyout which won’t allow them to sign marquee free agents.

This means that the Hawks will most likely be building their team through the draft. They have six (wow) total picks in this draft, so this team coming in will be super duper young and most likely won’t be very good this season. This will allow for young Culver to grow through adversity and become a better player with his increased playing time in his first season.

Culver will also be allowed to fit more naturally in an off-ball role with point guard Trae Young running the show at point guard. He won’t be relied on for so much ball handling and will be allowed to make more off-ball reads which is something that he seems to be much better at than running an offense like he had to do in Lubbock this season.

With these other young guys coming in, the Hawk will have a very solid young core that could be competing for the playoffs in a couple of years. Jarrett Culver will be at the center of this, along with the other potential lottery pick they get this season along with Trae Young and John Collins.

The main question is whether Culver will be available at pick eight. They may want to trade up to the number five or even number four pick to be in better position to get him if that’s who the Hawks want. We’ll know in two weeks, so keep looking here for more Jarrett Culver speculation because there will be plenty of it posted here.