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Double Ŧake: Texas Tech vs DePaul

My take from a consecutive OT loss by the Red Raiders men’s basketball team

NCAA Basketball: Eastern Illinois at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Tech men’s basketball just can’t seem to begin a game ready to play.

The Red Raiders started out 0-5 from the field Wednesday night at DePaul in what marked the team’s third consecutive loss. Sure, it’s a 40-minute game, but when you repeatedly start games out on cold streaks, you’re only making it more difficult on yourself to come away with wins, especially on the road. Just because Andre 3000 made it sound cool, doesn’t mean we should strive to be “ice cold” to open every contest.

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Evaluating Tech’s performance

  • Kyler Edwards - I’ve wondered if he is better served coming off the bench and letting Chris Clarke start games when Jahmi’us Ramsey returns from his hamstring injury. He excelled in that role last year. I’m curious to see if seeing the game from the bench first will help his shot. He’s uber talented. We just haven’t seen it yet this season. That reminds me, shout out to my last Uber driver. 5 stars, good sir.
  • First Half - The beginning of these games and even the entire first half is a problem for the team right now. I don’t remember a game this season where it seems the team starts the game focused and ready to play. Yet somehow, after committing 11 turnovers in the first half, Texas Tech had the lead thanks to a half second late release on DePaul’s shot at the halftime buzzer. Clean up the early sloppy play and the Red Raiders are most likely 7-1 right now.
  • TJ Holyfield - What can I say? He’s had more fouls than points in consecutive games - both losses that went into overtime. Some of these fouls make you shake your head. He’s a senior, yet he continues to make more lazy fouls than effort fouls. If he gives the basketball team anything, then they’re consecutive wins in regulation instead of overtime losses. But there’s plenty of blame to go around.
  • Davide Moretti - 1-10 from the field, including several airball floaters. Davide was money from the free throw line...well, except for that very last one that would have most likely sealed the win in regulation for the Red Raiders.
  • Terrence Shannon, Jr - Can you say coming out party? I bet you can. I’ll help you the way I used to help my son. Say “come”, “-ing”, “out”, “par-”, “tee.” Excellent! Here’s a cookie. I would totally give Shannon a cookie but that’s probably an NCAA violation. Shannon was aggressive to the rim and was able to finish effectively and hit free throws when fouled.
  • Finish - Texas Tech needs to learn how to finish if it wants to go where this fan base wants them to go. The opportunities were there on several occasions to apply the finishing blow and the team failed time and time again. Back-to-back shot clock violations, missed free throws, failing to block out on missed shots, and failing to cover a known 3-point shooter all gave DePaul the opportunity to send the game into overtime.

Better days are ahead Red Raider basketball fans. We just have to be...ugh, I don’t really want to say it, it’s such a dreadful word right now.

We just have to be, uh, patient. It’s not time for your parents to pull the car over just yet.