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Halftime update: Big Iowa State run at the end of the half kills Tech

The end of the first half was not kind to the Red Raiders

NCAA Basketball: Texas Tech at Texas John Gutierrez-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Tech is having a difficult time with Iowa State as head coach Chris Beard’s team is down 33-41.

The Cyclones ended the half on a 16-4 run to come out to a strong eight point lead at halftime. Marial Shayok, the Big 12’s leading scorer, is leading Iowa State with 15 points and four rebounds shooting 71% from the field. Jarrett Culver has chipped in 10 points and eight rebounds himself, though has not shot the ball as well only shooting 40% from the field. One big surprise in this game was prize recruit Khavon Moore actually suiting up and getting in the game. Whether we see more of him in the second half or going forward will be something to keep an eye on. Tech will need another patented comeback in this game.