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Defensive player of the week: Riko Jeffers has himself a game

A depth linebacker dominates the game.

Lamar v Texas Tech

RIko Jeffers had a whale of a game against Lamar. The backup linebacker was the leading tackler on team, recording 9 tackles. He had 2 for a loss, and was solid in filling in gaps and pursuing runners.

To add to an impressive state line, Riko forced a fumble and recorded a QB hurry. The guy was flying around the field making plays today. It is nice to see that even our depth can ball out at the linebacker spot.

This was a tough decision, like last week. But unlike last week, it was for a good reason. Tony Jones had some big time plays and Adrian Frye had the two picks making this decision a challenge. But I like to acknowledge someone who gets overshadowed a bit considering who starts at the LB spot.

Riko Jeffers is an unsung hero on this Tech defense, and he earned the spotlight. Agree or disagree, let me know what you think in the comments!