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Instant Reaction: Texas Tech not able to hold off Duke in New York City

Jarrett Culver ended with 25 as the Red Raiders suffered their first loss of the season.

NCAA Basketball: Texas Tech at Duke Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Tech Red Raiders could not hold off the elite play of the Duke Blue Devils as they handed the Red Raiders their first loss of the season by a score of 69-58. The Blue Devils were able to out score the Red Raiders late in the game as the Red Raiders were not able to make any of their shots down the stretch as shot selection and turnovers were two huge things that cost the Red Raiders in this game.

NCAA Basketball: Texas Tech at Duke Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports

The Duke Blue Devils started out hot in this game, starting with an 8-0 run that resulted from poor ball control by the Red Raiders. The Red Raiders then outpaced the Blue Devils by a score of 29-20 throughout the end of the first half.

Zion Williamson had a ton of great plays but was matched by the play of Jarrett Culver, who led the team with 15 points at the half. The main problem for the Red Raiders in the first half was the 15 turnovers they committed.

Turnovers were a big reason why the Red Raiders were not able to win the game tonight. The team ended up with 24 turnovers in the game with Matt Mooney and Jarrett Culver had 6 each. The swarming defense of the Blue Devils pained the Red Raiders all night long.

The Red Raiders and Blue Devils went back and forth in both the first and second half and it was a sight to see. Texas Tech showed that they can play with anyone, and that is the biggest thing to come from this game. Those huge turnovers really killed the Red Raiders as without them, the Blue Devils would not have been able to get out in transition and get easy baskets.

Jarrett Culver did show that he is a star, something most people in Lubbock knew already, but tonight he was on show for the entire nation to see. Culver finished with 25 points and showed that he is definitely someone that will be selected in the first round of the NBA Draft next season.

The Blue Devils showed they were elite, but the Red Raiders showed they could compete with teams at the highest level. The Red Raiders may no longer be undefeated, but they got some great experience against a team they could potentially meet again in the NCAA tournament later in the season.

The turnovers in this game combined with a slow start concern me tonight, but I see Coach Beard coaching this team up, helping them learn from their mistakes this game to help them win the next one. This was the biggest test for the Red Raiders maybe this season, and they showed that they are nowhere neat perfect, but that they are able to play with anyone, anywhere.

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