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Did Kirby overthink this hire?

The fan base is polarized, and excitement has dropped to zero.

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Neal Brown, Seth Littrell, Dana Holgerson, and Mike Leach. All of these names popped up in the coaching search, and all excited the Red Raider fans. Obviously Mike Leach was a fan favorite, but realistically Dana was the biggest name to actually express interest.

But now it has been confirmed that Hocutt ignored Dana’s interest and is looking at Matt Wells. The current Utah State coach is almost certainly the man now.

I believe in Hocutt, but he is over thinking this. Even if we settled for a small time head coach, better options existed. Neal Brown has been wildly successful, and Seth Littrell made North Texas into a hard-nosed winner almost overnight.

And this is ignoring that Dana, an established Big 12 name, actually seemed to be ours for the taking. I know Hocutt must see something in Wells, who is pretty successful. But overall Wells is only 44-34. One ten win season this year is the only reason he is really on anyone’s radar.

This hire needed to excite the fan base that has grown largely apathetic. This hire would not do that, and the leash will be very short. Hocutt is staking his career on Wells being a rising star, I hope it pans out.