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Red Raider Ravioli: The right choice

Coach Kingsbury’s firing is now official, so let’s put together some considerations


Here we are, folks: the Kliff Kingsbury era is officially over, and I think that’s something the most part of the fans expected after this last loss against Baylor. We also talked about this last week, in which in a poll I wanted to know your opinion about this.

There are two things I could understand from this poll:

  • 1451 votes in a week is a huge number, and this means it’s a “hot” topic;
  • Despite his negative record, coach Kingsbury still had a certain appeal throughout the fanbase.

This last point is even more clear if we consider another poll issued by Viva the Matadors, this time on Facebook, few minutes after the game.

Without beating around the bush, I’m convinced this is the right choice. Everybody can find the numbers of Kliff’s tenure in Lubbock, and they can’t be considered convincing by any means.

No doubt he’s a great person, probably one of the best football players Texas Tech has ever had, and a coach who was loved (and a lot) by his players, but I think he was overwhelmed by the pressure to be his alma mater’s head coach, and couldn’t obtain the results he hoped.

Probably, he’ll find another job as an offensive coordinator somewhere else, and probably he’ll have success too, but at this moment this couldn’t be his position anymore.

Alla prossima!