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Halftime update: Too close for comfort

Texas Tech has maintained a slim lead over Baylor.

Mississippi v Texas Tech Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Texas Tech has been beaten and bruised throughout this first half. McLane Carter who’s been battling an ankle injury all year, once again had to go to the locker room after he reinjured his ankle. Travis Bruffy went down and to make matters worse, Adrian Frye went down with a leg injury and hasn’t come back since. With all these injuries, Tech has been able to keep Dakota Allen healthy and still maintain a slim 17-14 lead.

Though hurt, Carter has thrown for 151 yards and a touchdown. The run game has been been fairly successful as Da’Leon Ward and Demarcus Felton have combined for 60 yards on 13 carries. Defense has forced two interceptions including the aforementioned return at the end of the half and this great tag team pick.

Let’s hope the Red Raiders can hold on and win the BUTT Bowl.