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Why Kliff Kingsbury deserves another chance

Can’t blame this season on Kliff.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Kliff Kingsbury has been controversial name around Lubbock this season. After an abysmal performance against Kansas State on Saturday, that controversy has reached an all time high. The popular notion among Tech fans? Fire Kliff. However, lets not let our emotions get the best of us. This has definitely been a tough season for Tech, but this team has promise for the future with Kliff Kingsbury as the head coach.

One of Kingsbury’s biggest asset’s is freshman quarterback, Alan Bowman. So far, in his freshman season, Bowman has passed for 2638 yards and 17 touchdowns. Unfortunately, Bowman has been forced to battle an injured lung most of the season. That injured lung has forced Bowman to miss three crucial games.

Its pretty simple, if Bowman was healthy and able to play then Tech would have been able to beat Kansas State with ease. And who knows, with a healthy Alan Bowman, Tech could have even upset Texas and Oklahoma.

Even though, under Kingsbury the Red Raiders have a record of 35-39, things were looking positive this season. Before Bowman’s injury, Tech was 3-1 team that was ranked inside the top 25.

Next year, a healthy Alan Bowman will return along with weapons Antoine Wesley (hopefully) and T.J Vasher. Although the record my not show it, this year’s team is much improved from the 2017 squad.

Kliff deserves another chance.