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Anti-Preview: Texas Tech vs No. 7 Oklahoma

Primetime is a fine time here on ABC! ... At night.

I’ll give it to you straight: It’s Wednesday, it’s a new week of football and we’re out of a frying pan into one hell of a hot fire. There’s no time to despair, though! Even Kingsbury offered consoling remarks regarding a less-than-stellar offensive performance in Ames.

Like I said, though, new week and new opportunities. For some reason we’ve been given the primetime slot on ABC but that means a true night game in Jones AT&T. If history has taught us anything it’s that even a top ten ranking can’t stop the Red Raiders from doing the miraculous. They might just need a little something special this Saturday as they face off against a prolific offense and prolific defense of theeeeee...


Kansas State v Oklahoma Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

It’s easy to look at the Browns-Bandwagoneers and think that they’re record is just waiting to be toppled - but slow your horses! They’ve got a bonafide athlete in the quarterback position (again). Kyler Murray is a workhorse who has been killing opponents through the air all season, then burning their hopes and dreams on the ground when convenient. The kink in the armor, though, is their defense. Oklahoma is showing somewhat of a Texas Tech persona of having a prolific offense but a defense that gives up near the same points. After firing their defensive coordinator Mike Stoops, Oklahoma has looked marginally better but Texas Tech still can keep the game close with defensive stops of their own.


The Red River Rivalry doesn’t exist solely between the University of Texas and the University of Oklahoma - it’s a way of life for Texans as a whole! The best way to combat the horror that is Oklahoma is by consuming the best of the best of Texan beers! That’s why this week you’re gonna take it nice and slow before our 7pm kick off. There are SO many beers made right here in the Texan Republic, I challenge you to drink at least 5 different brands on game day. My line up will be this:

1:00 - Shiner Bock (made in Shiner, TX)

2:00 - Real Ale’s Fireman’s #4 (made in Blanco, TX)

3:00 - Saint Arnolds Oktoberfest, BECAUSE IT’S CLOSE ENOUGH (made in Houston, TX)

4:00 - Deep Ellum Lager (made in Deep Ellum, Dallas, TX)

5:00 - Revolver Blood & Honey (made in Granbury, TX)

6:00 - Rahr & Sobs Adios Pantalones Session Ale (Ft. Worth, TX)


It sure isn’t Okla-Mex, it’s Tex-Mex! Something the former frontier of the Spanish Empire in the Americas perfected. After Texas’ independence, the two once unified areas set up a railroad tor improved trade and passage in 1875. Since railways were usually abbreviated, the Texas - Mexico railway became simply Tex-Mex. The two cultures undoubtedly blended cuisine and the resulting deliciousness has thrived for over a century. For this game you’re greatest duty is to honor the blend of Texan and Mexican that makes our state infinitely better than Oklahoma. Their blend is Oklahoma and Oklahoma - which is already nothing. So go by your favorite Tex-Mex restaurant or shoot, just do it yourself at home like a real Tejano!


Baylor v Texas Tech Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

This weekend has proven fortuitous for the Texas Tech vs Oklahoma theme. On Saturday, we of course have the two universities pitted against each other at the primetime slot, but then Sunday we have a unique match up that both Tech and Oklahoma fans have been waiting for. On Sunday the Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes take on the Cleveland Browns and Baker Mayfield. Should be a rootin’ tootin’ kinda weekend! Bragging rights all around.


1. Oklahoma has been slowly but surely recruiting people with Texas Tech roots to make their game better - and it’s working! The most recent addition to their staff was Ruffin McNeill, who used to be the defensive coordinator for Tech under Mike Leach. Bleh... find your own talent, Oklahoma.

2. Oklahoma always seems to have that one athlete that ends up being ESPN’s golden child, and it’s really...



3. Their mascot is a glorified cheater. Sooners were the name given to settlers from the United States who entered unassigned lands (now Oklahoma) before President Cleveland official proclaimed them open for settlement. Talk about shameful.

4. Your*

5. Stuff like this that will live in infamy because somebody got a little to much fame for their britches. I think we can agree that Kingsbury wasn’t the issue in that relationship.


Texas Tech v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

This Texas Tech team is 5-3, 3-2 in conference. I don’t think we expect a conference championship from this team but we can take some refuge in their ability to be competitive and more successful than previous years under Kliff. With two big match ups at home against Oklahoma and Texas, there’s bound to be one surprise victory. If everything goes well then we’ll be looking at two huge victories on the season! At the end of the day, though, our Red Raiders finally got a primetime slot. Night game!