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Offensive grades: Iowa State’s elite defense overpowered Texas Tech’s offense

Quarterback play was less than ideal against a stout Iowa State front.

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Iowa State Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Quarterback: D-

We finally saw Alan Bowman make freshman mistakes... quite a few of them. He had three interceptions (one being a pick 6) and an intentional grounding call that pretty much ended the game right there. He also only threw one touchdown pass.

I’ll give it to Bowman, though - he had over 300 passing yards on a team who only allowed West Virginia quarterback Will Grier 100 passing yards the week before. This game was a big learning experience for Bowman, and I think he will come back on Saturday against Oklahoma and play lights out.

Running backs: F

The backs only had 26 total rushing yards on 15 carries against Iowa State. I mean, credit to the Cyclones’ defense, but the running backs are a lot more talented than the numbers they put up.

Wide receivers: B-

Antoine Wesley had another 100+ yard game this week, accounting for 119 yards on 8 catches and a touchdown. In total, the receivers had 333 yards on 33 receptions, but Wesley’s touchdown was the only one of the day for them. There were also a few crucial drops made that should have been caught. Wesley and Ja’Deion High had the best game for the receivers against the Cyclones, and T.J. Vasher made an incredible catch on a ball that was out of bounds.

Offensive line: F

These guys were being pressured by Iowa State’s d-linemen constantly on Saturday. Bowman had to scramble a lot just to avoid getting sacked, which happened a couple times. The running backs also didn’t have many yards on the day either. These guys can do much better than this game, so we’ll see how they learn from it against Oklahoma this week.