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AP top 25: Action at the bottom

While the top of the polls stay fairly normal, the bottom of the polls show a number of teams moving around.

Oregon v Washington State Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images

There was a big prime-time upset this past Saturday as the Purdue Boilermakers knocked off the big bad Ohio State Buckeyes. However, other than that, there wasn’t much to really scoff at when it comes to the top of the rankings. It seemed as though voters simply moved everyone else in the top 10 up one spot to make up for the Ohio State loss and then snuck Florida over UCF (the Golden Knights will be forever doomed to remain at that spot apparently.

The bottom of the rankings is when it gets spicy. Ohio State kicks it off dropping nine spots down to 11th. Oregon and NC State’s loss drops them down seven and six spots respectively, while the Mike Leach led Washington State Cougars climb up 11 spots to 14 after their big win over the aforementioned Ducks. Not to mention Stanford climbed their way back into the rankings and after three straight wins Utah find their way into the top 25 for the first time this season. An even more gargantuan first was Appalachian State being voted in for the first time in their school history.

The Texas Tech Red Raiders barely missed out on being ranked for the second time this year. This may actually be a good thing as the last five times Tech went into a game ranked, they have left with a loss. With Tech playing at Iowa State who’s 5-2 against ranked teams since last year, being unranked may actually work out in Tech’s favor.

  1. Alabama, 8-0 (-)
  2. Clemson, 7-0 (+1)
  3. Notre Dame, 7-0 (+1)
  4. LSU, 7-1 (+1)
  5. Michigan, 7-1 (+1)
  6. Texas, 6-1 (+1)
  7. Georgia, 6-1 (+1)
  8. Oklahoma, 6-1 (+1)
  9. Florida, 6-1 (+2)
  10. UCF, 6-0 (-)
  11. Ohio State, 7-0 (-9)
  12. Kentucky, 6-1 (+2)
  13. West Virginia, 5-1 (-)
  14. Washington State, 6-1 (+11)
  15. Washington, 6-2 (-)
  16. Texas A&M, 5-2 (+1)
  17. Penn State, 5-2 (+1)
  18. Iowa, 6-1 (+1)
  19. Oregon, 5-2 (-7)
  20. Wisconsin, 5-2 (+3)
  21. South Florida, 6-0 (+2)
  22. NC State, 5-1 (-6)
  23. Utah, 5-2 (NR)
  24. Stanford, 5-2 (NR)
  25. Appalachian State, 5-1 (NR)

Texas Tech: 54 votes (virtually 26th)