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Defensive grades: the defense cruises against Kansas

The defense dominated a bad opponent, as is expected.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas was light work for our defense, as we all hoped. Pooka Williams gave us a few headaches, but overall the defense had a great day. Gotta love a big win, no matter who you play.

Secondary: B

Peyton Bender is a bad quarterback, so I am being pretty critical about the secondary’s performance here. Kansas had guys open and balls were dropped. I liked the effort, but this group played sloppy at times. Run support was good, but we will face better quarterbacks and the coverage needs to improve.

With all the bad throws made I also really wanted to see an interception filled day. But the DBs missed opportunities and just did not play as well as they could have.

Linebackers: A+

Everything that can be said about this group has been said. They are all that and a bag of chips. An excellent performance.

Defensive Line: A-

Eli Howard finally made his presence really felt. He was all over the field, and in the backfield. He swatted balls down and made plays. The other big boys played well too in what was an all around great performance.

Mostly, our boys controlled the line of scrimmage. I finally felt like the line controlled a game and made it easy for the secondary to do their job in run support.

Coaching: A

Another week, another hot start for the defense. I loved that Gibbs had his guys dialed in against an inferior opponent. These guys did not over look Kansas, and bought our offense time while Bowman shook off the rust.

Iowa State offers a real challenge this weekend. It is nice to be trending in the right direction as a defense going in to the home stretch, time to sustain this success.