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Tech can do more with less

The proof is in conference adversary Kansas State

Kansas State  v Texas Tech Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

I have heard various excuses in regards to the disappointing state we find our football program. Excuses include: we go through defensive coordinators like hot cakes, our location, competition with recruiting against other Texas schools, Kliff is too young, etc. And I am sick and tired.

Take Kansas State for example. Manhattan, Kansas, and heck, the state of Kansas is not a recruiting hot bed. I would imagine the excuse “no one wants to go to school in West Texas” could be said about Manhattan. The Wildcats are not flush with cash. But they get the job done as consistently as possible. I would compare Oklahoma State to what I think Texas Tech should be, but I do believe OSU has bigger donors with deeper pockets.

In 2012 Texas Tech was 8-5. Kansas State finished the season 11-2 with a Big 12 Conference Championship. In 2013, both were even with 8-5 overall records. Then comes 2014, Tech finishes 4-8 and the Wildcats finish 9-4. In 2015, Tech is better with a 7-6 record and K State struggled a bit finishing with a 6-7 record. Tech drops again in 2016 to 5-7 overall and K State bumps right back up to 9-4. So don’t tell me turning things around in literally one season can’t be done because it can.

Yes, you could argue that Bill Snyder has more experience and heading into his 26th season at K State, I will give you that. But I am looking at the programs as a whole. Sidebar: our thoughts and prayers are with Bill Snyder as he battles throat cancer. It doesn’t matter if we are evaluating Mike Leach, Tommy Tuberville or Kliff Kingsbury’s era. Our roller-coaster season records are much too long. We yo-yo too much. And no excuses can justify our inconsistency.

K State gets the job done with what they have. They follow up losing seasons with winning records. The Wildcats do not have flashy players, facilities or insanely high recruiting classes, in fact they find Jucos to fill the gaps and weaknesses. Snyder figures it out. Kingsbury and the Red Raiders need to do the same this season no matter what circumstances challenge Tech.