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What Red Raider will make a splash in the pros this season?

Which former Red Raiders will make an impact in the NFL?

Baylor v Texas Tech Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

We can go as far back as ‘09 because former Texas Tech guard Louis Nicholas Vasquez (30) is a free agent still playing in the NFL. Vasquez could absolutely make an impact with a new team looking to strengthen their offensive line after playing for the Chargers and Broncos. But for argument purposes, let’s draw the line with Jace Amaro being drafted in 2014 by the New York Jets.

Currently, Amaro is with the Tennessee Titans after being cut from the Jets, which is better than landing in the Canadian Football League ... looking at you Will Smith. I had high hopes for that dude. I digress. Amaro could absolutely make an impact with the Titans as they are tight end friendly. Last year, Tennessee tight ends combined for 145 catches for 1,530 yards and 10 TDs. Needless to say, it’s what Amaro makes of another opportunity.

Tried and true Le’Raven Clark is always a subtle difference maker. Unfortunately, he is an offensive tackle which isn’t a sexy highlight reel position, so you might not see his greatness as often as other positions. He is starting to gel with the Indianapolis Colts so much so that the Colts are giving Clark a first chance for the starting right tackle job and he can seal the deal. I am looking at Clark to hopefully bring the Colts back into the fold by protecting Luck.

DeAndré Washington is the man. He was drafted by the Oakland Raiders last year and saw decent playing time during the regular season. He finished the 2016 season with ten carries for 49 rushing yards. In case you haven’t been paying attention, Oakland is building a solid team. Apparently, the Al Davis curse has been lifted? Washington already has regular season NFL playing time making him fully equipped to be added to the fold for more opportunities this season.

Jakeem The Dream Grant and his 5’7 frame is still with Miami. He also had his first career TD on a 74-yard punt return again Tennessee last year. He will have flashes of greatness because he has to take advantage of opportunities like punt returns, and he definitely makes the most of the moment. I am not sure how Miami will make Grant more a part of their offensive scheme moving forward. That is my only concern.

And last but not least, Patrick Mahomes at Kansas City. I am very pumped to see him during the preseason get his reps in against the pros. Unless, something happens to Alex Smith, I don’t see Mahomes making a huge impact in the NFL this season, which is a good thing for his future NFL career. He can sit back and learn everything their is to digest from Alex Smith and Andy Reid.

All to say, for the 2017 NFL season, I am expecting DeAndré Washington and Le’Raven Clark to start consistently building and solidifying their pro careers. They have the opportunities being given to them because of their hard work and consistency. Not to mention, Oakland and the Colts are on the edge of being serious contenders again for post season play. They are both at really good organizations which provide good foundations to build pro careers instead of ending up in Canada.