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The Air Raid Podcast: #85

Talking Baseball


We are down to the final series of the regular season! Texas Tech is 1.5gms back of TCU in the standings and need to sweep Kansas for a share of the Big 12 Title. They did their job tonight taking Game 1, 10-6. Game 2 is tomorrow night at 6:30pm on Fox College Sports Central.

Today's podcast is little more than a vent session about the world of baseball today. There isn't a whole lot to talk about until next week when we start getting into the postseason. Next week we'll know the Big 12 tournament seeds and have a clearer picture of what Tech's Regional would look like, but for now, listen to us talk about some things that have bugged us this past week in baseball, live update the last few innings of Tech's game Thursday night and breifly look at the current Field of 64.