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Updated Look at Patrick Mahomes' Draft Stock

The NFL draft gurus are starting to notice Mahomes.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

As the NFL Draft draws nearer, Patrick Mahomes is starting to gain some attention. It seems as though his popularity is rising each week, and I see his name in even more 1st round mock drafts now than I did a week ago. Below is an excerpt of a piece Sporting News put out this week.

Sporting News

While Watson is the bigger name and will be the media's focus, Patrick Mahomes of Texas Tech might be the true question mark for NFL teams.

Some I've spoken with are right in line with my evaluation, wondering if he is the top quarterback in this class and whether he should go in the top 15. Others laugh at the idea of a gunslinger who won five games in 2016 going top 20. Based on my reading at this point, he ranges from the sixth best passer for some teams to maybe No. 1 for others, way more variable than Watson.

To me, he's a less polished version of Matthew Stafford coming out of Georgia. I'd love to see him replace Jay Cutler in Chicago, but his most likely first-round spot for now is Arizona, with a host of teams interested if he falls to the second round.

So, some teams think Mahomes could be a top 15 pick while others laugh at the idea. Some draft gurus have Mahomes as their top QB while others have him at 6th best. Going into the NFL Draft, Mahomes will truly be the biggest question mark at the QB position. After the Combine and his Pro Day we'll have a better idea, but for now many teams are very intrigued on what Mahomes could be at the next level.