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Calling All Texas Tech Fans

Texas Tech basketball is starting to heat up!

NCAA Basketball: Texas Tech at Iowa State Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

If you are like me, you were quite impressed with the first 30 minutes of last Friday's game. Then the last 10 happened. However, don't let this discourage you from going to tonight's game against West Virginia!

Some of y'all will look at how high they are ranked nationally, or how they tore apart Oklahoma State on Friday. I repeat, don't let that discourage you from rooting on your beloved Red Raider tonight!

Why not? Well, let's take a look back to just last season. There were several games that I went to where I was thinking "Do we really have a chance?" To that I say, there is always a chance when it comes to sports. That's why the games still have to be played. If we just handed out trophies and awards based on a stat sheet, we would never have upsets, Cinderella stories, and it would make for a pretty boring league. For example, Tech's game at home against Baylor. I was pumped up for that game because I was going with a big group of crazy friends, but other than that I didn't really know what to expect. Even though we lost, I was treated to a thriller that ended with a last-second shot.

Same thing happened at Tech's home game against West Virginia. A lot of my friends were asking me "Do we even have a chance?" Tech played hard from tip to buzzer, staying neck and neck with the Mountaineers almost all game. Again, they weren't able to close them out, but that was another game that I thought Tech had no shot of competing. I was just there to support my team, and it ended up being a really good and rowdy game!

Just like the two above, Tech's home game against Iowa State was just as thrilling! Tech was down late, found a way to claw their way back, and this time ended up winning a clutch game in overtime! Now, that wasn't as lopsided of a spread, but Tech was definitely still an underdog.

One last game that I feel like I need to mention was Tech's home game against Oklahoma. Still to this day that game was one of the loudest, craziest, and fun Tech games I have ever been to. It was the game that propelled us into the tournament. Everyone knows how it went by now. Tech played them tough all game, and just when I thought Oklahoma was going to pull away, Gotcher hit a clutch three and pulled us on top during the final seconds. At the time, Oklahoma was ranked third in the nation. No-one in the media was giving us a chance, but our players fought hard, our fans came out in full force, and we reminded Oklahoma how hard it is to beat us at home. That’s what I am asking y’all to do. Be loud, be proud, and help lift this team to victory!

On paper, everyone who is anyone would probably take West Virginia. However, they don't know about the fight that this team has inside of them. Games aren’t decided by who should win, games are decided on who plays the hardest and smartest for 40 minutes. I am going into tomorrow's game kinda like a did for the games listed above. Not really sure what to expect, but still being there to cheer on my Red Raiders, and you should too! Still wondering why? Well, I just listed out four pretty good reasons. Above all these games that I just listed out, you should go because you are a Tech fan and you love this school. Win or lose, you should still proud to be a Red Raider.

We will miss some shots, we will make some shots. They will miss some shots, they will make some shots. When the clock hits triple zeros one team will have more points than the other. I can't make any guarantees about which one Tech will be, but if we pack the arena and show them what home court advantage is all about, we might be in for a good one. Come early, stay late, and Wreck 'em Tech!