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Big 12 Basketball Power Rankings

Who’s up, who’s down?

Another week in the books. How is everyone stacking up? Let’s take a peak!

  1. Baylor (11-0): Last week’s ranking, 1. Baylor is proving to be a Big 12 power this year. Now sitting at number four in the nation, they just keep winning, and winning with ease. Most recently blowing out JohnBrow by the score of 107-53.
  2. Kansas (10-1): Last week’s ranking, 2. Kansas keeps winning as well, but that’s no surprise to anyone. They handled Davidson 89-71, sitting at number three nationally, but number two here just because of their one loss.
  3. Kansas State (10-1): Last week’s ranking, 3. Kansas State stays right where they are because they keep taking care of business. Tacking on another one in the win column, beating Colorado State 89-70.
  4. Texas Tech (10-1): Last week’s ranking, 4. Texas Tech is looking good so far this season. They keep winning the games that they are supposed to and need to. They win their first true road game of the season over Richmond by the score of 79-72. Don’t let that final score fool you. They let Richmond crawl back a little bit, but they were in control down the stretch of that game.
  5. West Virginia (9-1): Last week’s ranking, 5. Sitting at number 12 in the nation, West Virginia is keeping pace with Baylor and Kansas, hoping to make a run at the big boys. They blowout UMKC 112-67.
  6. TCU (10-1): Last week’s ranking, 6. TCU is having a good start to the season. I’m not sure if they will be able to keep pace come conference play, but there’s nothing else they can do right now but win, and that’s what they are doing. They beat down Texas Southern by the score of 96-59.
  7. Oklahoma State (9-2): Last week’s ranking, 7. They handle Wichita State by the score of 93-76. They are low on this list because of those two losses, but for the most part they are taking care of the teams that they are supposed to.
  8. Iowa State (7-3): Last week’s ranking, 9. After easily handling Drake by the score of 97-80, they rise up one spot in this week’s rankings by virtue of Oklahoma’s loss.
  9. Oklahoma (6-4): Last week’s ranking, 8. Oklahoma has yet to find their stride. They drop one spot down the rankings after losing a tough home game to Memphis, 94-99.
  10. Texas (5-5): Last week’s ranking, 10. No question here. The longhorns are playing people touch, but tough doesn’t win games, and you have to find a way to win. They lose to Arkansas 74-77, dropping back down to 500.