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Winter Break Basketball

The Red Raiders need your help!

NCAA Basketball Tournament - First Round - Butler v Texas Tech Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

It’s finals week at Texas Tech, which means the student athletes get a fun break from basketballing to go take several huge tests, then go back to the good stuff afterwards. When these finals are finished, most of the loudest subsection of Red Raider fans leave campus for six weeks.

During this stretch Tech basketball has many key out of conference games that will be critical when being viewed under the microscope of which teams make the big dance in the spring.

For the players, this month and a half long stretch can be grueling. Most of their friends have left them alone in Lubbock, and their rowdiest fans are missing in action until just before school returns.

This is a call to arms for the Red Raider faithful in Lubbock: Tech basketball needs your help! If Zach Smith throws down a nasty alley oop on a guy’s head with empty bleachers, does it make a sound?

It does not.

Sitting alone in a room writing articles and tweets is far inferior to hearing a crowd of people cheering when you make the perfect pun, or students when you ace that final to secure your 4.0 the classroom erupts, or businessmen when you... do a good business and someone is excited with you.

If you have season tickets, use them! Show up and get on your feet. Yell like you’re a student again. Bring your loud children to the arena and encourage them to use their loudness productively.

These Lady and Gentlemen Raiders need your help this winter. It’s time to do your part and show them some heart; make your spirit heard at the end and the start.