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Texas Tech: the great enigma

Consistent inconsistency has defined Texas Tech this season.

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Iowa State Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

From week to week this year it appears as if the only thing we can count on is being surprised. These surprises could come in pleasant form like a dogfight loss to what should be a top 10 ranked OSU team. They could also be a butt kicking by the second worst team in the conference the very next week.

Problems that arise in the offense seem to get fixed from week to week only to be replaced by new problems. Before this week the offensive line could not pass protect to save their lives. This week they protected Mahomes well only to be rewarded by a horrific offensive showing.

Defensively overall the team has produced a poor showing. However you’d be inaccurate if you said they had no redeeming moments. Against the Longhorns with the game on the line the defense came up with stops and turnovers on every drive in the fourth quarter.

When playing TCU the defense held those horned frogs to 17 points in regulation when next week against Baylor, that same offense dropped 62 points.

Tech has had disappointing and electric stretches on both sides of the ball this season. The problem has been with getting both sides to click at the same time. If the defense is doing well it’s almost a guarantee that the offense will sputter. If the offense is on fire it often means the defense will give up a touchdown on near every drive.

This team hasn’t been horrifically miserable all year, that was just yesterday. While that hopefully will be the most painful game of football I ever watch start to finish, the whole season shouldn’t be defined by that game.

It’s easy after that performance to want to scream, yell, fire everyone, and want nothing more to hide from football all together. That’s a very natural response. If you take a step back and remember that while it did stink to watch, it’s just one game.

This article isn’t here to say yesterday wasn’t miserable, there’s nothing anyone can say to comfort you about yesterday; it’s here to remind you that the foundations for a better football team are here, they just need to get the timing right.