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Media Recap - Week 7

Kliff Kingsbury meets with the media, acknowledging that everything about the program is under review

NCAA Football: Louisiana Tech at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Kliff Kingsbury met with the media Monday as he always does the week leading up to the game. This press conference produced some of the most information that Kliff has ever given to the media, with a couple very key points being addressed.

  • Kliff acknowledged again that the team played flat and uninspired Saturday. He said that everything is under review, from the personnel playing to the way they practice to the schemes they run. He did say though that his philosophy on scoring as quickly as possible has not changed.
  • He said that Patrick Mahomes probably looked like a shell of himself because of the lack of practice he was able to participate in last week. He expects Pat to be full-go in practice this week.
  • He did say that he doesn’t question the decision to start Pat the past two weeks over Nic Shimonek.
  • Kliff said that Derrick Willies and Dylan Cantrell are both day-to-day and could play this weekend.
  • When asked about Baker Mayfield, Kliff said that the storyline has run its course for him and it’s about playing a good Oklahoma team (I don’t think it has run its course for a lot of the fans, and I personally hope Baker hears it all night Saturday).
  • Kliff was asked a lot of questions, and many questioned the things he does on a day-to-day basis. Some were fair, and some were not. But either way, watching Kliff towards the end is a little like watching Bill Belichick during his weekly press conference.