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Comparing Texas Tech Quarterbacks (Pt. 2)

The quarterback comparison continues for one more day.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to a few readers' comments yesterday, I wanted to dive just a little bit deeper into yesterday's post comparing Air Raid quarterbacks. The stats I provided yesterday tell some of the story but not the whole story. I don't think what I provide today tells the whole story either but I feel like these few tidbits do further the story of comparing Air Raid quarterbacks through their first four full games.

Let's look at the QB Rating for each quarterback. I left this stat off my initial post, because it is basically a combination of all the basic quarterback stats that I gave you yesterday. Nonetheless I wanted to provide it today.

Mahomes is just a few ticks behind Doege and Hodges in QB Rating. The rating is based on this formula: ((8.4*Yds) + (330*TD) - (200*Int) + (100*Completion) / Attempts). In yesterday's post you saw Doege had one interception, which is why his rating is so strong. Hodges had two really strong games of over a 200 rating to start the 2005 season which is why he had a strong rating.

Next, let's look at the classification of each of the 9 quarterbacks during their first four full games.

Mahomes and Webb are the only two quarterbacks with less than two years in the program before playing four full games. In fact, five of the nine had at least three years in program prior to starting four games.

Lastly, let's look at the record of the opponents each quarterback faced in those games and how many of those opponents were Power 5 schools.

*Please note that I used Sam Houston's record from last season (11-5) since they obviously do not have a full 2015 season record.

Again, Mahomes comes out on top by facing opponents with the best win percentage and three Power 5 schools in his first four full games. The deeper I dive into his stats through four games, the more impressed I become. Maybe most impressive is that the moment has never looked too big for him. I really look forward to seeing him continue to grow as the Red Raider quarterback.