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Red Raider Gridiron: Webb is Day to Day; Nine Receiver Drops; and Kingsbury is a Scoundrel

QB Davis Webb is day to day with his non-throwing shoulder injury. There were nine receiver drops against Oklahoma State and James Mayfield calls Kliff Kingsbury a scoundrel.

Brett Deering

Webb is Day to Day. Hey, aren't we all!  #jokes  Anyway, head coach Kliff Kingsbury said yesterday that QB Davis Webb is day to day and his status for Saturday's game is unknown.  Kingsbury said during the presser that he had not seen Webb yesterday prior to the press conference and would see him at practice later.  I think Kingsbury is always going to say this and it is true, but it also permits Kingsbury to not have to comment about a player and his injury for the rest of the week.  Pretty handy.  Anyway, expect this to really be a game-time decision, for reals.

Notebook. I'm on Pullquotes duty for this week, and I also have a non-transcript of defensive coordinator Mike Smith and offensive coordinator Eric Morris, but for now we get an LAJ notebook of things.  Smith talked about how the secondary was there to make plays, but jus didn't make them:

"It goes back to, we've got to make those plays," Tech interim defensive coordinator Mike Smith said Monday. "We're in position. There were a couple of times (cornerback) Justis (Nelson) is right there. He just mistimes it, and the guy catches it."

Morris also talked about how the receivers dropped, yes dropped, nine passes:

"We dropped them at key times, too - some big third downs and some of our key players dropped some footballs," Morris said. "It's hard to win a game when you're throwing it and you drop nine balls."

Oh, and in my morning ritual of searching Google News for all sorts of links and news, it is all filled with the topic below. So you get the topic below.

Scoundrel. For some reason, Oklahoma thought that they would ask Texas Tech and Kliff Kingsbury just one more time if, after a full spring and summer of James Mayfield badmouthing Texas Tech and Kliff Kingsbury, that Kingsbury would change his mind and allow Baker Mayfield to be eligible this year.  Texas Tech said no and the NCAA upheld their decision as well.  James then proceeded to call Kliff a "scoundrel" yesterday.  Just to remind everyone, Texas Tech initially denied Mayfield from being able to be on scholarship. Texas Tech lifted that restriction in mid-August. Oklahoma said that they had zero scholarships available.  Oklahoma then announces that they did have a scholarship available and gave it to a walk-on, Caleb Gastelum, a linebacker, two weeks later.  Meanwhile, an undisclosed source for Oklahoma said that Mayfield may just be the best quarterback on the roster and it was totally coincidental that Mayfield being better than Knight or any of the other quarterbacks on the roster is totally coincidental. Totally. Yeah. Absolutely.

Miscellaneous. I usually try to have all of the week long national write-ups on Tuesday, but I missed a ton of them, but I did catch Bruce Feldman's Big Picture . . . San Antonio Express-News has their Big 12 power rankings and it's not pretty (just like the rest of them) . . . Bring on the Cats crowdsources week 6 for your Red Raiders . . . #