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Red Raider Gridiron: Not What Texas Tech Needed; Moore Talks Coaching

Having a defensive coordinator Matt Wallerstedt resign wasn't what the doctor ordered and former Texas Tech head coach Gerry Moore talks about coaching before being inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Not What the Doctor Ordered. FoxSports David Ubben writes that the resignation of Matt Wallerstedt was the exact opposite of what Texas Tech needed in the off-week leading up to Oklahoma State:

Texas Tech got what it needed the least. Kliff Kingsbury wants continuity on his staff. Matt Wallerstedt would not have resigned before the fourth game of his second season on a three-year contract for moderate defensive failures. In talking to people around the Red Raiders' program over the past few days, it was very clear that off-field reasons spurred the decision. For a defense desperately searching for answers, a change in leadership won't help. New DC Mike Smith has a very different style and personality than Wallerstedt, but Wallerstedt was very highly regarded and respected by the players. I talked to a few former players this week who played under Wallerstedt and were shocked that anything away from the field impacted his position as defensive coordinator.

The only issue I suppose that I have is that Smith has a "very" different style and personality.  I don't know the difference in their styles since I haven't seen Smith call a game and I don't know what it matters if they have different personalities.  I do think that the players liked Wallerstedt and I haven't run across anyone saying anything necessarily negative, but given the initial reports about a controlled or unknown substance, I think most folks have enough sense to not stomp when a guy might be down.

Moore Talks Coaching. LAJ's Don Williams has a really good Q&A with former Texas Tech football coach Jerry Moore, who is set to be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame and was back in town last weekend (again, thanks to Rodney Allison).  Here's a bit about how at 75 years young, Moore still wants to coach after being let go by Appalachain State last year, but you should go check the whole thing out:

I still like to coach. I miss coaching. I miss just like today, with Gabe and all these other coaches and players that I've bumped into, there's a camaraderie. There's a thing about coaching that's more than - a lot of coaches have said this - it's more than a game. There's so many lives intertwined. I miss that, and my family misses that.

My wife's been as involved with the things we've done as I have. We miss that, but we also are trying to be realistic about everything. We just enjoy doing what we ... I've visited a lot of campuses. I've been to Baylor two or three times. Been to Auburn. I was up at North Dakota State last year. He (Craig Bohl, North Dakota State coach from 2003-13) had played for us when I was at Nebraska. So I just kind of bum around. Football bum.

Miscellaneous. I don't know what to make of this article from LAJ's Don Williams, which is about how Kliff Kingsbury does his own shopping and doesn't have a personal shopper.  This seems like one of those articles that you sorta write with the hope of publishing it relatively near the close of the season, but it gets buried and you don't know when to publish it so it gets published during a bye week on a Sunday, but now, it seems pretty much out of place . . .