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Texas Tech Baseball: The 2014 Recruiting Class

As Texas Tech season ends, we take a look at some recruits that will be in Lubbock next year for Baseball.

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Wow, what a year it has been for baseball. Despite a losing record last season, along with preseason predictions stating we would finish last, Texas Tech finished with a 45-21 record and a spot in the College World Series. Amazing.

Now that the season is over, where do we go from here? Well for starters, we lose some valuable players on the current Texas Tech squad, including these Seniors:

Jonny Drozd Adam Kirsch Devon Conley Jake Barrios Todd Richie Mason Randolph
7-0 10 HRs .279 AVG .272 AVG .426 OB% .500 OB%
2.03 ERA 50 RBIs 8 RBIs 2 RBIs 2 RBIs 7 RBIs

Also, here are some players we could be losing to the draft:

Chris Sadberry Hunter Redman
5-3 .257 AVG
3.03 ERA 17 RBIs

We will miss those players, but luckily for the Red Raiders, this is a young squad. In the Coral Gables Regional, Texas Tech's starting line-ups (batting and pitching) consisted of only 2 seniors, 5 juniors, 3 Sophomores and 5 Freshmen. The number of freshmen that made an impact is astounding. So there is no doubt in my mind that Texas Tech will see similar success next season. Now let's take a look at some commits to the baseball team. Some of these stats I'm getting from, regrading facts and quotes. With that being said, let's take a look at the new freshmen and JUCO players that will be added to the roster next season:

Quinn Carpenter - Right Handed Pitcher / Outfielder (Iowa Western CC)

6'5" 190 lbs 91 - 94 FB 79 - 83 SL 84 - 86 CH

Other Interest: Oklahoma

Quinn Carpenter is originally from New York and was drafted in the 25th round by the Red Sox in 2012, but he opted to go the JUCO route instead. He was the 7th best pitching prospect out of New York in High School and is the 103rd ranked JUCO player according to Perfect Game (baseball recruiting site). Carpenter throws with power, as you can tell by his fast ball, and uses good movement on his slider according to scouts. Not only that, but Quinn batted occasionally for Iowa Western. In 18 games for Iowa Western, Quinn pitched 50 innings (including 3 starts), going 8-0 with a 2.70 ERA and 75 strikeouts. On the offensive end, he had a .390 AVG with 12 HRs and 58 RBIs. I'm not sure if Quinn will only pitch or also play the field, but no matter where we put him, he'll be effective. Here is some film on him, and here's one of his HRs In the 2014 MLB Draft, he was taken in the 17th round by the Toronto Blue Jays. At the time, he said that he could go pro, depending on what the offer is. He says that he can always back to school if he needs to, and it's been a dream of his to play pro ball. Here's an article about the comments.

Tucker Davidson - Left Handed Pitcher (Tascosa, Amarillo, TX)

6'2" 215 lbs 83-87 mph (91 high) FB 69 mph Curveball Slider

Other Interest: Oklahoma State, TCU

Davidson committed to the Red Raiders February of last year and has stuck with his commitment, despite getting interest from JUCOs and other colleges. Davidson competed in the underclassmen world championships, which is where I got the stats for his pitches from. In his junior year in high school, Davidson went 5-3 with a 1.54 ERA and 106 strikeouts, ending the season with a no hitter. Tucker was the #6 rated LHP in Texas for the 2014 class, which is always a good sign. Tucker also played QB in high school, which some pitchers do. Hopefully he can bring that talent and toughness to Texas Tech. Here is a pitch from Tucker Davidson. He was not drafted in the MLB Draft.

Tanner Driskill - Right Handed Pitcher / Middle Infielder (Round Rock HS, Round Rock, TX)

6'0" 160 lbs Fastball Breaking Ball

Other Interest: Baylor, Texas Baptist, Texas State

Tanner Driskill committed to Texas Tech last year, and one reason may be because his father pitched there. Travis Driskill pitched for the Red Raiders in the early 90's and was drafted in the 4th round by the Cleveland Indians. During his career in the majors, he pitched an 11-14 record with a 5.23 ERA. He last played in the minor leagues at Round Rock, which may be why he lives there now. Back to Tanner, he had a 9-4 record with a 2.98 ERA and 83 strikeouts in high school. Tadlock said Tanner had "a very good breaking ball and a quick arm" , along with saying that he "Could defend as a shortstop for a lot of people". The film I could find on Driskill is a curveball in this video. Plus, if you're absolutely bored, there's a full game of him pitching. He was not picked in the MLB Draft.

Orlando Garcia -Shortstop (Americas, El Paso, TX)

6'2" 195 lbs .429 AVG 32 RBIs

Other Interest: Oklahoma State, Arizona

Orlando Garcia committed to the Red Raiders last season after a productive season at Shortstop in which he hit a .429 average with 32 RBIs. Not only that, but he's a great defender as well. Tadlock even compares the young shortstop to 3rd Baseman Jake Barrios. To go along with his good offense and defense, Orlando also has a high baseball IQ, according to this El Paso article about him. He has two older brothers that played baseball at Northwestern, with one of them getting drafted in the 31st round by the Padres. Orlando was also recruited as a QB early on while at Americas. He could be a serious force for Tech in the future. Here is a video of him during batting practice. He was not selected in the MLB Draft

Tanner Gardner - Middle Infielder / Outfielder (Centennial, Frisco, TX)

5'11" 190 lbs .381 AVG 5 HRs 25 RBIs

Other Interest: Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Texas, LSU, Arkansas, Texas A&M, TCU

First off, just look at all the schools that wanted Gardner. That's huge. Tanner Gardner played 2nd base and in the outfield with Frisco. He played outstanding while there, hitting .381 with 5 homers and 25 RBIs in his junior year. Not only that, but he's a switch hitter, which is something that's not seen a lot. He's the 8th best outfield prospect in Texas according to Perfect Game, and he made the WWBA World All-Tournament team. Tadlock thinks Gardner is a type of guy that can come in a contribute from day 1. From looking at his film, you can tell that Gardner has tremendous power and hustles around the bases. He has good swing that can lift the ball deep in the park. On defense, he's got good range and a powerful arm for a 2nd baseman, seeing that he also plays in the outfield. Here is some highlights from Gardner's sophomore year. He was not picked in the MLB Draft

Donivan Lopez - Shortstop (Sinton HS, Sinton, TX)

5'11" 175 lbs .417 AVG 4 HRs 35 RBIs

Other Interest: Texas A&M

Lopez was a shortstop and pitcher for his high school, doing a tremendous job at both. Hitting wise, he batted .417 for 96 hits (26 which were doubles), 4 homers and 35 RBIs. As a pitcher, he went 3-0 with a 0.84 ERA and 60 strikeouts. His pitches are an 87 mph FB, 75 mph CB, and 76 mph SL. Pretty impressive. Donivan was the 28th rated SS prospect in Texas and made the All-State Third Team for 3A. Tadlock says that they "feel he is is best shortstop in South Texas. Athletic Middle Infielder that can handle the bat and loves to play". Here's a video of Lopez on signing day. He did not get drafted in the MLB Draft

Rudy Martin - Outfielder (Lewisburg, Olive Branch, MS)

5'7" 160 lbs .385 AVG 19 RBIs 1 HR

Other Interest: Mississippi State, Ole Miss

Rudy Martin is different from the other players, as he is from Mississippi. Rudy played in class 4A in Mississippi and won 4A player of the year there. While there, he had a .385 AVG with 2 double, 3 triples, a homer and 19 RBIs. Not only that, but he stole 35 bases out of 36 opportunities. During his junior year, he lead his team to a state championship. He is the #2 outfield prospect in Mississippi. Tadlock says that Rudy could also be an impact player his first year. Here is an article on Martin when he committed. Martin choose Texas Tech because of the relationship with the staff, the campus and academics. In his batting practice film, one thing I like is his quick swing, which usually leads to base hits. He was picked in the 25th round by the Kansas City Royals, but will likely attend Texas Tech.

Parker Mushinski - Left Handed Pitcher / 1st Basemen (Argyle HS, Argyle, TX)

6'0" 210 lbs 92 mph FB 75 mph CB 82 mph CH

Other Interest: Oklahoma State, Texas, Arkansas, TCU, Baylor, Wichita State

If you had to pick the gem of the class, Parker is one that you would probably pick (along with Mahomes and Patterson). Parker has good stuff, with a fastball already in the 90's and a deadly curveball and change-up. Mushinski had impressive stats his junior year, going 5-1 with a 1.73 ERA and 63 strikeouts, while allowing 23 walks. Batting wise, he batted .303 with 2 HRs and 19 RBIs. He could potentially play both sides of the ball while at Texas Tech. He is the #1 rated Left Handed Pitcher in Texas and the #18 prospect in the Texas, while he's #20 for Left Handed Pitchers in the nation and #233 Overall. Here is an article on Parker and here is some film of him pitching. He was not selected in the MLB Draft.

Jacob Patterson - Left Handed Pitcher (Berkner HS, Garland, TX)

6'2" 180 lbs 87 mph FB 76 mph CB SL

Other Interest: Arkansas, TCU, Baylor, Houston, Texas

Jacob is another outstanding pitcher this coaching staff has corralled. His stats are just stupid good, with a 7-3 record and a 1.12 ERA. The best part? He has 127 strikeouts in 68.2 IP. Ridiculous stats. Him and Parker are going to form a deadly 1-2 punch while at Tech. Jacob's 127 strikeouts lead the state of Texas, despite being in 5A. The next best pitcher has around 40 less K's. Here is an article describing his strikeouts. Jacob led class 5A in ERA and is the #11 rated left handed pitcher in Texas. Tadlock believes that he will eventually develop into a weekend starter for the Red Raiders. Jacob also comes from a family of Red Raiders, and will study electrical engineering at Tech. He was not picked in the MLB Draft.

Jay Rawlins - Left Handed Pitcher (Frenship HS, Wolfforth, TX)

6'2" 180 lbs high 80's FB SL CH

Other Interest: Oklahoma State, Kansas State, Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico

Jay Rawlins is from Frenship HS, where current Red Raider Stephen Smith is from. One reason those guys might have choose Tech is because he pitched at Texas Tech in the late 90's and early 2000's. He probably influenced them some when making a decision. Jay did well his junior year, going 8-2 with a 1.52 ERA and 76 strikeouts. Throughout his whole career, Jay has a 14-4 record with a 2.11 ERA and 113 K's. Tadlock believes that Rawlins has room to grow and could develop well. Rawlins is the #19 rated Left Handed Pitcher in the state of Texas. He was not drafted in the MLB Draft

Tanner Scott - Left Handed Pitcher (Howard College, Warren OH)

6'2" 220 lbs 92-95 FB (high 97 mph)

Other Interest: Oklahoma, Wichita State

I couldn't really find a lot of information on Tanner Scott, but I did find some stats he had last season. He a 7-4 record with a 2.66 ERA and 76 K's. As a freshmen, he distributed 44 strikeouts while allowing a team-low 1.96 ERA. In high school, it looks like he had a .385 AVG with  9 RBIs and 4 doubles. His pitching stats weren't great with an 8.00 ERA and 1-2 record, but I'm sure if that's not accurate though. Tanner was discovered by J-Bob, who according to Tadlock, thought he had good arm action and thought he could make the transition to the Big XII. Right now, the only pitch that Scott possess is a killer 92-95 mph FB with a high of 97 mph. Here is some film of him practicing his throwing. He was selected in the 6th round in the MLB Draft by Baltimore. There must have been some real impressive film of him throwing that's not in the public eye. My guess would be that Scott goes pro.

Updates: Tanner Scott has signed with Baltimore and won't be attending Texas Tech

Dalton Stark - Outfielder (Cypress Ranch, Cypress, TX)

5'11" 170 lbs .351 AVG 8 HRs 29 RBIs

Other Interest: Houston, Texas State.

Dalton Stark plays 5A ball in Houston, and actually won a State Championship in his sophomore year. Dalton has some pretty good stats too, as he has a .351 average with 7 doubles, 4 triples, 8 homers and 29 RBIs. He also has an OB% of .455. Stark finished 2nd in his district and is the #26 rated outfielder in the state of Texas. Tadlock has said that Dalton is also a guy that could play right away. He mentions that he could give the team quality at bats along with the ability to play all three positions in the outfield. He was not picked in the MLB Draft.

Patrick Mahomes - Right Handed Pitcher (Whitehouse HS, Whitehouse, TX)

6'3" 180 lbs 92-95 mph FB .500 AVG

Other Interest: Oklahoma St

My guess would be that you already know who Mahomes is. If you follow football recruiting at all, who would know that he's a 4-star/high 3-star QB that signed with Texas Tech to play both football and baseball. Patrick Mahomes is one of the best RHP's Texas, sporting a FB that ranges from 92-95 mph. He also plays in the OF, where he hit around .500 last year at Whitehouse. Unfortunately, there isn't really any stats out there on Mahomes, but there is a story from East Texas about a game where he outplayed the 33rd overall pick (by the Red Sox) in Michael Kopech with a no-hitter and 16 K's. Pretty impressive. He will play both OF and Pitch in college. Here is a film of him hitting. He was drafted in the 37th round by the Tiger. Would've been higher, but stated after the 10th round that he would forgo the pros and play in college.