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Texas Tech Links: Texas Tech and Texas A&M Have "Mutual Interest"; Spurs Impress Tubby Smith; Doege Competing

A report surfaced yesterday that said that Texas Tech and Texas A&M may have mutual interest in playing some time in the future. Tubby Smith is impressed by the way that the Spurs play basketball and Seth Doege is competing for a backup QB spot in the CFL.

Brent Just

Mutual Interest. According to reports, mainly from AAS Kirk Bohls, via FoxSports that Texas Tech and Texas A&M have mutual interest in possibly playing at some time in the future.  So rather than digging in your heels, Texas Tech and TAMU have perhaps had meaningful discussions.

Impressed by Spurs. The Big 12 coaches had a teleconference yesterday and they were asked about how the Spurs could affect how teams play this year.  I need to get something off my chest.  This whole stuff about the Spurs playing "team" basketball is all true, but let's not ignore the fact that they have the most talented team and it proved to not even be even close.  I picked the Spurs in 7 and even after the game 2 loss, I was sure that the Spurs would win because they had better players. And the Spurs could run. That's the other thing that seems to be overlooked. They could run and create opportunities with the best of them (obviously).  Yeah, and this is coming from a Mavs fan.

Back to Texas Tech and Tubby Smith, Smith said that it is strange because so many players grew up idolzing players like LeBron James and Dwayne Wade:

Texas Tech's Tubby Smith understood that young talent may not see the Spurs in the same light, and that NBA aspirants would be more attracted to the Heat and James.

"Depends on who you were pulling for," Smith said. "Some kids, their idols were LeBron James, (Chris) Bosh, Dwyane Wade. The NBA is individual and they highlight an individual player," Smith said.

But Smith said he's already seen an impact on the kids who attend the Red Raiders' summer camp.

"I can see it with the campers," Smith said. "We teach ball movement, the passing game, motion offense, share the ball, pass and cut. I've see a real difference with the young kids.

"Hope our players will appreciate it also. ... The Spurs epitomize how the game should be played."

Doege in the CFL. Seth Doege is battling for a backup quarterback position for the CFL's Saskatchewan Roughriders and he had a play that was spectacular (I can't get the video to play) and he said he is just looking for to work hard:

Doege, a 25-year-old product of San Angelo, Texas, suggested his approach simply involves getting better steadily through film study and practice.

"You're going to have your days when you're not as good, but you want to improve on something each day," said the former Texas Tech Red Raiders star. "That's the mindset I have and I think that has really helped me."

Kingsbury at the College World Series.