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Post Game Thread: Texas Tech Loses to Sooners, 42-30

The Texas Tech Red Raiders are in the game in the first half, but the Sooners run roughshod over the Red Raider in the second half, for a 42-30 win.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

A heck of a game from a true freshman in Patrick Mahomes, but the Texas Tech offense struggles to score in the second half and the Red Raiders lose to the Sooners 42-30.  Texas Tech had the lead leading into the second half from a brilliant performance by Mahomes, who simply made plays in every which way in the first half, but it wasn't enough as Oklahoma turned up the running game and simply out-ran and rushed their way to a second half victory.

The Texas Tech defense struggled mightily to stop the Sooner running game in the second half and Texas Tech simply didn't have the depth or ability to stop an impressive Oklahoma rushing game.

Given two weeks to prepare for the Sooners, Mahomes was very good and despite the loss, I'm encouraged by Mahomes progress as a quarterback as he looked significantly better from the Texas game.  Oh, and that last play, Mahomes to Cantrell was a thing of beauty.

We'll have a full-recap tomorrow morning. Fight Raiders Fight.