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Saturday Morning Links on VTM | Weekend Open Thread; Manvel Football Camp Update

This is the weekend open thread. Major update on the Manvel football camp. Kingsbury makes the cover of Dave Campbell's. Texas Tech's cheerleader of the week. Totally Texas Tech with more campus photos.

Fabbien Cousine of France competes in the men's downhill qualifying round at the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup on June 8, 2013 in Fort William,Scotland.
Fabbien Cousine of France competes in the men's downhill qualifying round at the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup on June 8, 2013 in Fort William,Scotland.
Jeff J Mitchell

1. This Is Your Open Thread for the Weekend -- Happy Father's Day | I'm going to be doing other things, so this will be the last post of the weekend unless there's a commitment or something like that. That also means that I want to wish all the father's out there a Happy Father's Day!

2. How to Use $22 Million | The LAJ talks with AD Kirby Hocutt about how to spend the $22 million that they are set to receive from the Big 12. Hocutt hasn't decided, or at least that's what it sounds like, and the money isn't going to necessarily service the debt:

"We are very fortunate that our debt-repayment plan is tied to a certain percentage of our stadium suite and club-level sales and is tied to private gifts," Hocutt said. "We’re currently in a position where our suites and our clubs are at capacity levels, which is above the amount we have dedicated to (debt) service. So while the conference revenue distribution is not tied directly to our debt service, we are fortunate as a department, at this point in time, that those (other) revenue streams are committed to debt service."

3. Manvel Football Camp Update | 247 Sports has an extensive, and I mean extensive update (that's free), about the Texas Tech football camp at Manvel. I won't take any quote, just go take a look if that interests you.

4. Kingsbury on Dave Campbell's . . . Sorta | Dave Campbell's Texas Football released their cover yesterday and it's 95% Johnny Manziel and 5% Kliff Kingsbury. I'll take it.

5. Cheerleader of the Week | I posted this in the comments yesterday, but a Texas Tech cheerleader was featured as SI's Cheerleader of the Week. Congrats Kelsey!

6. More on Murphy's Commitment | The KDHPPressBox has a bit more on Belton offensive lineman Justin Murphy committing to Texas Tech.

7. Moar Campus Photos | Totally Texas Tech is totally busy with more photos of the new video board going up. Check it out!

8. Three Alums Coaching | Just a quick article from the AP about how AD Hocutt hired three alums to lead three of the major programs, but Hocutt mentioned that it wasn't necessarily the goal to go out and hire a young alum:

Hocutt said he didn’t go looking for alums. He just wanted coaches who fit criteria he set: people who understood West Texas, believed in the university’s athletics and academics, and are driven. The goal was continuity and stability.

"We haven’t enjoyed that recently in the leadership of our sport programs, and that’s something that’s very important and something that I believe we can achieve with the leadership that we have in place now," Hocutt said.

I think that's where Tubby Smith fits in, which is that the men's basketball program was incredibly tumultuous and despite this article being about the three young coaches in Kingsbury, Whitaker and Tadlock, Smith bits that definition quoted above.