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Prediction Time | The VTM Staff Predicts the Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma Game

It's a weekly tradition (it's only two weeks old)!

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Another week and more possible and incredibly vague, but largely imaginary, prizes. Please leave your prediction in the comments.

DanSwany 31-28 Tech wins. Washington and Williams combine for 3 TDs. Webb throws 300+ yards. At least 1 interception by our defense.
MikeTTU 35-28 TTU. I can't think of a scenario where OU outscores Tech. RB's go crazy, and the play action steals the show.
LoneStarRedRaider 38-31, TTU. Tech has the best TE/IR/WR in the nation, and KK will have our team ready to play. Eric Ward will a huge day. Listen to what I say.
SARR 28-24 Tech. We jump on them early and hold on in the end. More defense than usual in this one.
kevinkinsler 45-34. I think our offense produces consistently in this game and the defense sets us up for a couple of easy scores. The defense will play well enough in half of their turns to not let OU keep up.
Seth C Texas Tech 28, Oklahoma 27. It's close, real close, but I still just barely like Texas Tech's ability to score.