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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2011-09-21

Conference realignment links are after the jump.

Tech keeping penalties at minimum | Red Raiders
This is interesting, LAJ's Williams writes a bit about the difference, or the fact that there may not have been any difference, as to how Tuberville and Leach treated players who garnered penalties during games.  Leach frequently said that he didn't think that penalties mattered, that teams could overcome penalties and by punishing penalties, they would create players being cautions and non-aggressive.  Here's RT Mickey Okafor:

"He just ripped us," Okafor said. "It was like he was waiting for you to get a penalty so he could get on you."

"Every coach makes a big deal about it," said senior defensive tackle Chris Perry, referring to both Tech staffs. "We just hold ourselves accountable, I guess. I don’t really know if there’s a difference who stresses it more. It’s just, as a team, I know we’re trained better than that. We’re disciplined. Not saying we weren’t with Leach, but nobody wants to do anything to take away from the team. We’re just trying to win."

The differece?

Under Leach, players who were flagged for penalties on Saturday might do body rolls up and down the field after Sunday’s practice. A player might be absolved of the punishment if coaches disagreed with the penalty flag.

And now?

Tech players don’t want to be written up on the "NOS" sheet — that stands for "Not Our Standards" — and show up on the accompanying video.

"It’s just the embarrassment of being on the penalty film now," Okafor said. "They show everything from penalties to broken plays. Like if you did something that he didn’t coach you to do, he rewinds and looks at them. ... I’m not saying it’s aiming to embarrass us. It’s aiming for us to do right. The goal for every player is to not get on the NOS, because as a player it’s embarrassing to see your name on the list."

Red Raider football notebook: Perry coming on | Red Raiders
I've noticed DT Chris Perry playing well thus far and he's showed up quite a bit more on the field:

Perry said, "Coaches told me in the offseason, ‘You can do anything you want. You can do anything we ask in this defense. We’ve just got to get you to slim down so we can have you playing every play.’

"I took their advice," Perry continued. "Joe Walker got me right, held me real accountable on my weight. I got my weight down, kept it down, got stronger. They transformed me to a whole different person in the offseason."

VIDEO: Tuberville talks to media after practice Tuesday | Red Raiders

A Tech Time-Out with Brittany Endlich and Alex Torres - YouTube
I feel like I'm watching a date with WR Alex Torres and Brittany Endlich.  Torres looks incredibly comfortable and totally awesome.  Internet high-five Alex:


A Tech Time-Out with Brittany Endlich and Alex Torres (via RedRaiderTV)

Wolf Pack football: Nevada seeks consistency, points in red zone | Reno Gazette-Journal |
I wrote earlier this week that Nevada had a mediocre performance against Oregon and I really worded that poorly.  I should have written that the lack of Nevada to score is what was mediocre, the actual rushing attack of Nevada is incredible, but they just haven't been able to put the ball into the endzone.  Nevada head coach Chris Ault:

"That short-yardage stuff, I was really, really disappointed in it," Wolf Pack coach Chris Ault said. "There's no excuses for that. Our football team, that's what we're about -- short-yardage and going for it on fourth down and making it. That's been the success of our program. There wasn't any individual or individuals. We just had poor timing between our quarterback, back and front with the blocking scheme."

The Numerical: Comebacks, Interceptions And A Dink-And-Dunk Masterpiece -
QB Seth Doege gets a mention in Bill Connelly's Numerical:

Incompetions thrown by Texas Tech quarterback Seth Doege against New Mexico on Saturday. That is almost always impressive (unless you're Kevin Prince). But when you miss four times in 44 passes? That's, uh, good. His final line: 40-for-44, 401 yards, five touchdowns, zero picks, zero sacks.

Daylen Robinson, JC PG to TTU with class of 2012 - Double-T Nation
Good find by TallMike.  Don't ask me how the roster works.  I have no answers, but I might try to do something next week.

Strength and conditioning coach leaves men's basketball - Sports - The Diamondback - University of Maryland
This is a bit odd, but Maryland's strength and conditioning coach, Paul Ricci, has left the Maryland program and will be the strength and conditioning coach for Texas Tech.

This is the reason why I didn't get too excited or too depressed no matter the news.  Last year, I was taken for a ride and I told myself that it wouldn't happen again.  I never really got caught up in the rumors and I think that I did a better job of not thinking that anything was a done deal until the ink was dry.  I still don't really think that any of this is over, but it may be put to bed for a period of time.  If anything, I think what it means when the Pac-12 comes out and says that they're not expanding is that Texas is the linchpin.  I always thought that Texas Tech was tied to Texas, but I did sorta think that Oklahoma and Oklahoma St. possibly had stand-alone invites to the Pac-12.  That was just a guess.  But when the NY Times blog came out as far as fans and you start to realize how little in terms of televisions and fans (relatively speaking) that OU and OSU bring to the table, it makes a heck of a lot more sense.  OU, despite being a national power for a long time, only has about 200,000 more fans and OSU has a shade over 700,000 fans.  I think that if the Pac-12 is going to expand, and as confirmed by Wilner and Schroeder, is that it's all four teams under the Pac-12's terms, or nothing.  Time to start figuring out how to work together.

"Pac-12 decides NOT to expand" | Opinions on Sports with George Schroeder | The Register-Guard | Pac-12 Conference: League announces it will NOT expand (updated) | College Hotline
Schroeder and Wilner with thoughts on the Pac-12 not expanding and it all hinged on the thought that UT didn't want to give up on the Longhorn Network so the thought of expanding was never even voted.

Superconferences still on hold as Pac-12 stays put - College Football -
The key words from Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott are in bold:

"After careful review we have determined that it is in the best interests of our member institutions, student-athletes and fans to remain a 12-team conference," Commissioner Larry Scott said in a statement. "While we have great respect for all of the institutions that have contacted us, and certain expansion proposals were financially attractive, we have a strong conference structure and culture of equality that we are committed to preserve."

Pac-12 stays put, limiting options for OU and OSU |

Tentative plan for Mizzou to join SEC, Auburn would move to East, sources say |
This was linked yesterday and as many of you mentioned, I would dislike a Big 12 without Missouri.

Blame it on ESPN | 24/7 Sports | Bobby Burton
I can't remember who said it yesterday, but someone was thinking that this article from 24/7 Sports Bobby Burton was more spin from the UT side of things.  Burton is the original founder of Rivals, sold out, and then started 24/7 Sports.  He is all about the SEC, so I don't think there's any bias, and I also think that what Burton wrote is almost exactly what was said in the article posted late yesterday afternoon, that OU wanted Beebe out, and they want UT to give in on the issues with the LHN. - Source: BYU Poised to Join Big 12
Well, that was quick.

Pan's Plan: Acquire New Teams - Bring On The Cats
The only other thing that I would add to Panjandrum's plan is that I would add TCU.  TCU should have been added last year to replace Nebraska or Colorado.  They're not a huge school and they don't have a huge television audience, but this just makes too much sense.

Pac-12 won't expand; Big 12 only option for OU, OSU? | Tulsa World
A couple of interesting quotes from the Tulsa World on OU's leverage, or lack thereof, and that the Big 12 official, thinks that they hope to keep TAMU (I highly doubt it):

But with the Pac-12's decision Tuesday night, Big 12 leadership might make one final push to keep the Aggies. Beebe's ouster might be the play that makes A&M change its mind.

OU would accept an interim commissioner, the World's source said, but wants Beebe gone immediately and wants the Big 12 to conduct a national search for its next commissioner.

The World's source said Tuesday there was no discussion on the table about the Sooners and Cowboys joining the Southeastern Conference and that the Big 12 and the Pac-12 were the only options for the two schools.

The source said any differences in revenue between the Big 12 and Pac-12 were "a wash."