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BREAKING: Jace Jung wins Big 12 Player of the Year

Jace becomes first underclassman to win award since 2011

Texas Tech Athletics

Was there REALLY ever a doubt?

Texas Tech second baseman Jace Jung has won the 2021 Big 12 Player of the Year Award.

The regular season stats speak loudly:

.366 Batting Average. 1.262 OPS. 49 Runs. 10 Doubles. 20 Home Runs. 65 RBIs. .766 Slugging. Those are absolutely Big 12 POY numbers, as well as, numbers to get you into the National Player of the Year conversation.

Four of the last five award winners have been Red Raiders.

Jace and Josh Jung become the first set of siblings to both win the award, and TECHNICALLY speaking, since there was no 2020 award, they won it back-to-back. A sibling feat that is unlikely to ever happen again.

Congrats to the Jung family who will be housing the award for at least another calendar year.

Congrats Jace.

There is still a lot of work to be done this year, and Jace is nowhere near done yet. Let’s go make a run.