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Defensive lineman transfer Tyree Wilson has joined the Red Raiders

Matt Wells land another immediate transfer, this time from Texas A&M.

Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Tech head coach Matt Wells has really been hitting the recruiting ground hard, bringing in some reinforcements to bolster this year’s team. Tyree Wilson, a Texas A&M transfer, is the latest pickup for the head man.

In his redshirt freshman season last year at Texas A&M, Wilson managed to post some decent stats in very limited playing time. He racked up 12 tackles, including 3 for loss, and 1.5 sacks. That is not at all bad for a guy that appeared in a lot of games, but did not log many minutes.

Of course, there are the obvious questions about the fact he was unable to make a dent in the roster at A&M, leading to his transfer. While Wilson is likely not going to be a starter, he adds some pass rushing depth to a unit that was awful in the latter part of the season generating any pass rush.

More importantly, he has been in a college weight room before, and if the NCAA grants his waiver, is ready to go day one. High school recruits usually need some time to get into college shape, but Wilson will have no problems there. If he can develop his tools, he could become a regular rotation player on the defensive line.

Welcome to Raiderland Tyree!