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2022 CG Reggie Bass: “[Texas Tech] has always had a home in my heart”

What the Texas Tech target told me about his recruitment.

Despite the programs recent success, Chris Beard has wasted no time planning for the future. He’s already got one early commitment for the 2021 class in the talented wing of Jaylon Tyson. As the staff is beginning to extend their offers for the 2022 class, those efforts are clearly catching the eyes of prospects like Reggie Bass. “[Texas Tech] has been reaching out to me a lot,” he told me, “It’s gonna be fun to see what the outcome is.”

Reggie Bass is a 6-5 combo guard out of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Despite a good bit of time still left before he graduates, he has been receiving plenty of attention. He currently holds 5 offers, all of them from high-majors with Texas Tech being one of them. But to Bass, Texas Tech has always stood out. “Since I was a kid I’ve liked Texas Tech,” he told me, “it has always had a home in my heart.” Plenty of other high-major schools are reaching out to express their interest, and it’s no surprise why.

Bass is the very definition of a combo guard. His most polished tool is his ability in catch and shoot situations. This is an extremely useful skill to be comfortable with heading into the college level, especially if Texas Tech ends up as his destination. The motion offense engineered by Bob Knight and remastered by Chris Beard gets shooters open. It’s incredibly effective at doing so, and is a huge part of why Texas Tech led the conference in three-point percentage last season. Putting a shooter as competent as Bass into that system is a lethal pairing. You can see how competent of a scorer he is below.

Although Bass speaks more highly of his catch-and-shoot ability than he does his play-making, I’m really impressed with what he does when the ball is in his hands. “I’ll be working on my ball-handling and defense,” he told me when I asked what he’d focus on developing in his final two years of high school. He also mentioned a desire to improve as a rebounder, “I want to be able to rebound good from the guard spot.”

Instincts are hard to teach — but luckily for Bass, his are already there. He can quickly diagnose an open cutter or a roll man and then makes the necessary pass. He also knows when and where to attack the defense to get an easy basket. You can see him make some really smart reads below.

To close out our conversation, Bass said “just trust the process and see the results”. If he continues to trust his process, the results should be incredible. His three-star status could easily rise to five-star as he begins playing in front of more analysts. Already nearing the 247Sports Composite Top 100, expect him to establish himself near the top if he continues developing.

Be sure to follow Bass on Twitter (@BassReggie23) and show him some love as his recruitment continues!