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Edwards’ consistency earns him our player of the week award

Edwards posted double-digit performances in both games this week, but he also showed marked growth as a leader on the floor.

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

I was largely shamed for my position that Tech had not locked up a March Madness bid. My position was based on the fact that this team could not be guaranteed of that bid without reaching 20 wins. Having seen how the league is playing out, with OSU surprising OU in particular, I would in lower my confidence mark to 19 wins.

To reach to that point, the Red Raiders could not really afford losses this week against two of the worst teams in the conference. Kyler Edwards, this week’s player of the week recipient, is a big reason why both upset bids fell flat.

Edwards is the player basically everyone assumed would take that sophomore leap and take command of the offense supported by superstar freshmen and Davide’s sharpshooting. Ramsey has instead largely become the team’s best scorer while Edwards has struggled to find his touch at times.

I have spoken about the need for Edwards to be consistent, and here lately he has really found his stride. The 19 points against Iowa State is a scoring mark the Red raiders will win with basically all the time, but what I really like is that Kyler’s point total this week stayed double digits and was extremely efficient with him shooting over 50% both games.

Yes, Ramsey is always going to light-up the stat sheet, but Edwards is the guy that will define march success. Because Clarke and Holyfield largely have not panned out, Tech will live and die by his production. If teams feel that they can bottle-up Ramsey and Davide without fearing Edwards, this team will struggle to score.

Edwards is starting to look like last year’s tournament Edwards, and that is a very good thing.