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Flying high with the basketball exclusive FanPulse

Sphere-ball shooty hoops is where it’s at.

NCAA Basketball: Eastern Illinois at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to 2020! While last year was one to remember between the College World Series, track & field national championship, and basketball championship appearance - this year could shape up to be even better. No great team would be what it is without the relentless fandom of its supporters; and that’s where you come in! The SBNation FanPulse is back and better than ever because, well, we’re not talking about football anymore. Now is the time to sign up and join your fellow Red Raiders in being one of the most well represented groups in the FanPulse. JOIN THE LEGION HERE

The first question of the new year is an obvious one, “who IS the best team in the country right now?” To probably minimal surprise the number one ranked Zags (16-1) came out on top, followed by Duke (13-1), then closely followed by “somebody else”! I went ahead and took the artistic liberty of putting a graphic that best represented the somebody else category, and I think it’s spot on (please don’t be mad, Kyle). Following the whopping Double-T we’ve got Kansas (11-2) and Auburn (13-0) below.

Not a lot to debate so far in a season where the top 5 has been more fluid than the weather out here in West Texas. But with conference play is off to a roaring start we can expect teams to fall towards their medians and a more clear picture emerge - right? RIGHT?!? Regardless, the most interesting stat to come from the basketball FanPulse thus far is that there are only three teams that have had no change in confidence: Duke, West Virginia, and Texas Tech.

Texas Tech takes on West Virginia tonight at 5pm.