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Texas Tech hopes this signee is their next golden leg

Punters are people too.

Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports

Continuing our coverage of the new Red Raiders, we have Austin McNamara. McNamara is rated as the third best punter from the 2019 class, and having seen his highlights it is well deserved.

Special teams is not really an overlooked area of the game, but punting really does seem to be. However, just ask Missouri what a good punter can do to you after Michael Dickson rained down booming punts that secured Texas’ bowl win in 2017.

McNamara had a loaded offer list, with Tech beating out Arizona State and Arizona for the leg of the Arizona native. He averaged just over 42 yards a punt, and teams only managed returns on 5 of his 35 punts and most of those returns for short yardage or no gain.

Flipping the field is critical, especially as Tech wants to build more of a defensive reputation. The longer the drive, the harder it is to score plain and simple.

Welcome Austin, to the Raider family! #19Guns