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Player of the week: The deflection king

A young gun makes his presence felt for the first time this season

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

This is my least favorite time of year for basketball. Buy games can only hurt the team’s standing, and the pressure is on for every game to be a blowout. However, Chris Beard has to love these last few tune-up games with the young talent on his bench. He is finalizing his rotation, and looking for who can come in and give critical minutes.

This week, one player managed that more than anyone: Kevin McCullar.

McCullar finally looked comfortable on the court. His defensive rotations were crisp, he was aggressive and active with his hands getting lord knows how many deflections, and his offensive game was outstanding.

10 points, a career high, 2 steals and a block are numbers that jump out to you from the game to go along with his 2 rebounds. More importantly, he did this with only one turnover something Beard has to love to see.

McCullar is going to be important going forward. Until these young guys develop this is the thinnest bench Beard has had at Tech. If McCullar can come off the bench and play good defense and score/get to the free throw line then this teams rotation is so much stronger.

Hopefully, this is just a sign of things to come from Kevin.