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Tech basketball starts out this season ranked in Top-25

The No. 13 ranking is the highest in program history.

NCAA Basketball: Final Four-National Championship-Virginia vs Texas Tech Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The preseason AP Basketball poll came out yesterday with a familiar face at No. 13. That’s right, Texas Tech basketball has been ranked with the highest preseason ranking in program history. It’s a far cry from where they finished last season, but it’s a good place for this team to start.

NCAA Basketball: Final Four-National Championship-Virginia vs Texas Tech Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

We’ll have our big season preview (written by yours truly) out soon enough, but I think this is a great place for this year’s team to start. The talent we have coming back will certainly anchor the back-court with some great newcomers playing all of the minutes in the front-court.

NCAA Basketball: Final Four-National Championship-Virginia vs Texas Tech Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan State was ranked No. 1 in the country, getting 60 of the 65 first place votes. Kentucky and Kansas get the second and third place ranking respectively and Louisville gets the No. 5 ranking. That means that at some point in the season, Tech will play three of the top-5 preseason ranked teams.

NCAA Basketball: Final Four-Semifinals-Michigan State vs Texas Tech Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

While the preseason ranking means almost nothing to the players and coaching staff, it makes a great deal to some of the fans watching the polls. It will be a great season for Red Raider basketball and I look forward to watching what Coach Beard and his team can do! Full AP Poll below!

Team: Points (1st place votes):

No. 1: Michigan State 1619 (60)

No. 2: Kentucky 1497 (2)

No. 3: Kansas 1457 (3)

No. 4: Duke 1399

No. 5: Louisville 1386

No. 6: Florida 1313

No. 7: Maryland 1134

No. 8: Gonzaga 1096

No. 9: North Carolina 1060

No. 10: Villanova 1048

No. 11: Virginia 1007

No. 12: Seton Hall 863

No. 13: Texas Tech 837

No. 14: Memphis 773

No. 15: Oregon 742

No. 16: Baylor 523

No. 17: Utah State 491

No. 18: Ohio State 407

No. 19: Xavier 356

No. 20: Saint Mary’s 330

No. 21: Arizona 265

No. 22: LSU 234

No. 23: Purdue 230

No. 24: Auburn 210

No. 25: VCU 193

Others Receiving Votes:

Washington 164, Colorado 152, Tennessee 78, Marquette 68, Florida St. 36, Davidson 34, Harvard 24, Illinois 14, Missouri 13, Mississippi St. 12, Houston 11, Georgetown 11, Cincinnati 8, Notre Dame 7, Creighton 4, Syracuse 3, NC State 3, Vermont 2, Alabama 2, Southern Cal 2, Liberty 2, Michigan 2, Dayton 1, Colgate 1, Providence 1.