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Dakota Allen is a perfect Red Raider ambassador

Tech’s star linebacker looks to build on his incredible story

Baylor v Texas Tech Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

A story of redemption is something that most people can get behind. It resonates with so many of us because we can all admit that we are far from perfect. This type of story illustrates the opportunity to find success even when the road is bumpy; Dakota Allen’s time at Texas Tech is one of those stories.

After a promising Freshman season, he and two other persons were arrested on charges of burglary. Allen was removed from the football team and, for the time being, seemed to have closed his chapter at Texas Tech. He then spent time at East Mississippi Community College, where he was featured on the Netflix show, Last Chance U.

Watching Allen take responsibility for his past actions and continue to grow as both a person and a player was incredibly impressive on the show. Despite being filled with a number characters, many of which you would not call positive, Allen’s character and humility made him a star. I found myself being proud that Texas Tech was associated with Allen even before he rejoined the Tech football program. I must not have been the only one either, since after a year away from the program Allen was welcomed back to the Scarlet and Black by Coach Kingsbury.

Since that time the only thing Allen has done is produce. Allen was immediately named a captain despite not having played a snap prior; he provided clear leadership for a defense that took several steps forward last year. Allen was awarded All Big 12 second team honors as a result of his efforts on the field - turning himself into a bonified star for the Red Raiders and now getting himself on the radar of NFL scouts. Staying for his senior season, Allen will have the opportunity to leave his mark on Texas Tech before moving on to play at the next level.

A few weeks ago Last Chance U revisited some of the players that had been featured on the show and once again Allen stood out for all the right reasons. I dare you to try to not get emotional while watching the exchange between him and Brittany Wagner following this year’s Birmingham Bowl. Allen has managed to not be defined by one of the worst moments of his life, but instead is now defining himself as a leader worth following and imitating. I know this Red Raider fan will be rooting for Dakota Allen both this season and into the future. I bet you will too.