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CCC Presents What’s Up with Joe? #3: On site for Football Practice

Joe tells you all what he saw watching the Red Raiders practice.

What’s up with Joe is back, this time with an interesting insider experience.

Thanks to the graciousness of head ball coach Joey McGuire, Joe was given the opportunity to hang around a practice. He got to witness the energy of the program first hand, learn some interesting tidbits about the roster, and chat with coaches and other members of the program.

In this episode, he talks about the experience. What he saw, what he heard, and what his takeaways are from the practice experience. How much momentum does Tech really have? Who was looking particularly crisp? What little tidbits were there to be gleamed on how the team and more are shaping up?

In the end it was a great experience for Joe, and a really cool opportunity granted by Coach McGuire. The program is continuing to ramp up as we creep slowly closer to the beginning of the new season.