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Cotton Club Crew Interview Special: Sam from Scott & Holman Pawdcast

We talk to the expert on UH to prime their entrance to the Big 12.

Sam from the Scott & Holman Pawdcast, our favorite UH pod, joins the guys to talk about the Coogs and their return to the Big 12.

Tech fans are more familiar with Houston than the other newbies, having played the last few years, and that familiarity extends to the presumed starter for Houston. Donovan Smith headed to H-Town, and we talk about that move and his weapons.

Then we talk about the roster turnover and changes Tech fans should be aware when assessing the Cougars. Next, we talk a lot about expectations. How would the average UH fan define success? What is the floor and the ceiling for this first year? And how does UH view itself in the future Big 12 hiearchy.

Be sure to follow the Pawdcast guys on twitter @SHPawdcast for UH sporting news! And stay tuned as we work to chat with experts from all of the newbies on their first season in the Big 12.

Editors Note: Joe’s audio got eaten by our recording service a little. Unfortunate, and we are working on a solution to prevent it from ever happening again.