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Cotton Club Crew #4: Culture

Can Coach McCasland be the “Joey McGuire” for the basketball team?

That national title was a bit of a dud, wasn’t it? Outside one late run the Huskys dominated the game start to finish. It was a cool experience being there to watch from the cheap seats, but next time I hope to watch a different team in red and black take the stage.

And the guy chosen to take them there is Grant McCasland! On this episode the guys talk about the hire, and speak to the kind of coach he is. He is a s the guys describe, a culture guy who looks to get the most from his squad.

Can he be what Coach McGuire has been to the football program?

The guys start the episode however on the baseball diamond. They talk about the win over the weekend against the Horned Frogs. Lots to like offensively, but can this pitching get better? And is it a systemic problem that the staff seems to be struggling with?