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Cotton Club Crew Mailbag #3: Found our man

The CCC has the answers to your questions!

Texas Tech has finally hired their coach, and Grant McCasland has been formally introduced to the university.

Chris is back answering questions, and he talks about the new hire. Most importantly, who will be potentially joining the new staff, and who joining the staff would be most exciting.

He also talks about baseball’s bounce back win over TCU. The positives to grow on, and the negatives that need to be addressed to keep the rally going.

He also talks about softball, who had a bounce back series of their own! After a tough weekend against the highly-rated Longhorns, Texas Tech would claim two of three against the Iowa State Cyclones. What to like about this team, what not to like, and are they the real deal? Does this squad have some actual juice to make it the post season and impress the nation with a run?

Listen and hear the answers to YOUR questions!