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Cotton Club Crew #6: A Cracked Foundation

Grant McCasland has a tough task to flip the culture in Lubbock.

Once again Texas Tech basketball was in the twitterverse, and once again not for good reasons. Elijah Fisher hopped on a podcast, where he candidly described his experiences with Tech basketball, Lubbock, and beyond.

Needless to say, the things he said were not great. Besides the stuff you can’t fix, Fisher just not enjoying Lubbock or being mad at his diet, he revealed a generally broken culture run by a staff who could not stand up to a petty tyrant.

The guys talk about what they thought hearing these stories. They talk about the adults in the room failing, the administration ignoring the rumblings, local press avoiding the topic, and more.

After that super fun, not, talk the guys head to more enjoyable pastures. While the baseball team has been wildly inconsistent in the bullpen, the offense has carried Tech into striking distance of the Big 12 title. The guys talk that race, closing out the year strong, and who needs to step-up.

Lastly, the crew talks Spring Ball big picture takeaways.